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Battery Disconnect Switch

Carling Technologies IP67 sealed BD-Series battery disconnect switch is designed to minimize battery drain, ensure maintenance personnel safety, and when used in conjunction with a padlock, provide vehicle theft protection.

EH Series RJ45 CAT 6A

Switchcraft/Conxall is pleased to announce an addition to our popular EH Series: An RJ45 Connector with CAT 6A capability.  

The CAT 6A version adds compatibility to the latest gigabit ethernet spec which doubles data transmission bandwidth from  250 to 500 MHz, decreases the chance of crosstalk interference, and provides superior reliability and transmission speeds through greater lengths of cable.  We will continue to produce all previous part numbers to be sold along side these new items.

MEAN WELL GST Family (Industrial Adaptor) - Global Safety Certifications Completely Acquired

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European and American regions have decreed several energy-saving regulations to external adaptors which are widely used by every industry to lessen the energy depletion since 2009. However, these regulations also cause trade barriers to a certain content. As the leading standard switching power supply manufacturer in the world, MEAN WELL always regards vigorously supports our customers selling their end products worldwide and enlarging the application fields as our primary objective that the GST family (18~280W) are planned to be the main force of standard industrial adaptors of MEAN WELL with the up-to-date energy efficiency regulation compliances (DoE Level VI/CoC Version 5) and complete global safety certifications.

In addition to TUV(EU), UL/CUL(North America), CCC(China), BSMI(Taiwan), PSE(Japan) and RCM(Australia), MEAN WELL further applies for KC(Korea), BIS(India), EAC(Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia) and SIRIM(Malaysia[PS.1]) certifications that the GST family has possessed over 10 kinds of the safety certifications since October 2016. More than 90 percent of the world is covered that you can take this advantage of saving large amounts of money on certificate charge and get rid of the complicated certificate programs for your end system. If you have not found appropriate adaptors with complete certifications for world-wide selling yet and still look for it, the GST family of MEAN WELL will be your best choice!

[PS.1]Though the GST18~280 series all comply with SIRIM regulations, these electrical products should affix the new SIRIM laser labels for legal import due to the new regulation of SIRIM QAS International since 2015/01/01 that there has no SIRIM mark on the product labels. Should there anyone requires the new SIRIM labels, please contact MEAN WELL sales representatives. 

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GE Embedded Power Solutions

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High External Freeze/Thaw Resistance.

The Honeywell PX3 Series is designed to provide pressure monitoring to help control the flow of refrigerant found in HVAC/R systems. These transducers are compatible with common hydrofluorocarbon and next generation low global warming potential refrigerants. A PX3 Series differentiator is its high external freeze/thaw resistance, allowing these products to better withstand exposure to temperature variations found in HVAC/R systems and the freeze/thaw cycles that may cause declining transducer performance.


Honeywell is pleased to announce an extension to its existing MICRO SWITCH portfolio, the new MT Series miniature toggle switch. The MT Series mini toggle switches are designed to meet the need for a rugged, cost-effective switch. View more information.

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TC Series Keypad Module Released

TC-5 is a 5-position keypad switch module


As seen on sites such as Yahoo Finance and Global Purchasing, OTTO’s new TC-5 is the first in a series of keypad modules, with 1, 2, 3 and 4 button versions coming soon.  These keypad modules are suitable for use in harsh environments and demanding applications.  The TC-5 is slightly over an inch in diameter and can be front or rear mounted in a grip or front panel.


The advantage of the TC-5 is that it incorporates keypad functionality within a very small footprint.  Standard or custom legends are available and can be LED backlit with a variety of colors.


Standard termination options include flying leads, ribbon cable (with or without AMP connector) or FCC.


Tested to one million cycles, the TC-5 has an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and it is sealed to IP68S.


Applications include:

•   construction

•   agriculture

•   industrial

•   material handling

•   medical


The TC-5 can be used in panel or grip applications and is especially useful in cursor control or data entry applications.

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Altran Magnetics 


Altran Magnetics, Inc. (AMI) is a leading Global Solution Provider of EMI Filter Technologies. With 725 standard products, AMI provides one of the most comprehensive product lines of EMI Filters in North America.


AMI offers four Core Product Groups of EMI Filters: Power Line Filters, Power Entry Modules, 3-Phase Filters and DC Filters. These devices are recognized by UL within the United States marketplace.


Understanding that every application has its own unique electrical, mechanical and EMI challenges, our Global Design Team can custom develop EMI Filter products to meet your specific application requirements.



Altran Magnetics, Inc. is a solution provider of lighting controls. With over 30 models for controlling Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, HID and LED sources, we are a leader in lighting photocell technology. Understanding that every light source has its own unique electrical, mechanical and thermal requirements, our global design team can customize products to meet your specific application requirements.



Altran Magnetics, Inc. is a solution provider of standard and custom motors, blowers, assemblies, and accessories. With over 300 models in our portfolio, we are a leader in motor and blower technologies ranging from ventilation to general purpose power. Understanding that every application has its own unique electrical, mechanical and thermal requirements, our global design team can customize products to meet your specific application requirements.


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