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Our commitment at Simcona Electronics of Canada Inc. is to being a value-added, service-driven distributor. This is reflected in our mission "driving customer success.”


In fulfilling this goal, Simcona is constantly looking for ways to improve in the attainment of our goal and this starts with our people. Simcona looks for experienced people from diverse backgrounds that can offer fresh new ideas, along with a sense of ownership and enthusiasm. See if Simcona is the place for you!


Here is the profile of a Simcona Electronics employee:




Has a sense of urgency



Is passionate and self-motivated



Is adaptable and resilient



Is disciplined




Is a strong team player, yet comfortable working alone



Is resourceful and committed



Possesses a strong work ethic



Is quick to respond

It is very clear to us that our people make the difference at Simcona. They shape the entire company and allow us to reach our goals and become a success story– and what really counts is the success of the entire team. This teamwork pays off at each and every level throughout the company with the strong commitment and long years of service of our family of employees.


We believe that without the input of ideas and the motivation of our people, we would not be where we are today.


That is why we continue to move our employees forward with continuous improvement in knowledge, skills, and education.


It is clear that culture and behaviour are the driving forces behind real value creation. With this in mind we continue to foster a family environment while balancing our core business values. These values underpin the sustainability of our business and its corporate culture.


In creating this environment we have created a place where our employees want to spend time. We allow them the space they need to develop within our corporate culture and they in turn reward us with both a sense of urgency and responsibility.


New technologies come to market every day, making it important for us to ensure that our employees keep up with technical developments. Digital training is offered continually for every employee from many of our premier vendors.


To apply, please click here.

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